Grant Cardone = My #1 Inspiration

“Every day in every way you gotta be treading water. If you wanna make it to shore, you gotta swim. I know you wanna think that you can stop and rest, but the reality is, you gotta swim.If you’re gonna make it in the world. You gotta hustle. There are no shortcuts, folks.”

I love him because he talks so much about how connections and shortcuts are b.s. and how you have got to be know for your work ethic. If you are not hustling more than all the other people out there, you will not dominate your field. Period. End of story.¬†Grant talks about how everyone should know you as the person who is the example of what it takes to get the job done and done right. Everyone should be looking to you and thinking – you outwork everyone else. Where do you get your energy from. It’s not about money. Drop that excuse.

Essentially he is talking about an element of your brand and that THIS is a key ingredient. Hard Worker is a part of your brand.

How does he advise you brand yourself? You. How do you get the attention and what does it take to come up with you as a brand? It isn’t an easy feat. It takes thinking and devising. You need help and you need to put energy toward creating an image of who to put out in the world so people care. Why should people pay attention to you? People are so overwhelmed with crap in the media these days you gotta be the loudest one in the room.

He claims that YOU are the only product that anybody cares about anymore. They are buying because of YOU. What could be more attractive than YOU? BURN a brand on you. That is you. When I see that, I know what it is. How do you burn something into the minds of the public to MAKE them pay attention?

Who ARE you? You are being overlooked for a specific reason. “Get your shit together. Quit bitching about it.”

First question he wants you to ask is,” What do you want to be known for?”

Second question is “Who are you?”

Grant wants to the living legend amongst entrepreneurs as the modern sales guy who helped recreate sales and helped millions of people get successful.

Third question is, “what are you great at?” He thinks that we all brand ourselves everyday by just being who we are. We create it and are living it. Everyday. You can’t avoid it. Branding is what you live, eat, breathe, sweat.

Grant thinks it is really important to connect your mission to your extended self which is your family. You have to honor the other, the extended part of you, give back to your family. Then look how you can helps your group. Brand to them. Make them realize what your brand is.

After that, he wants you to reach outside of who you already know. Do social media. Join groups that give back and help mankind. Get them to know what your entrepreneur goals are and also connect to them via this greater mission. Everything should be about your brand.

“You gotta be willing to be hated on. Your Brand cannot reach it’s full potential without the heat of the haters.” Grant Cardone

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