How We Can Use ART to Help Us Be More Creative in Any Field

Earlier today, I wrote a post about how to deal with fear and anxiety. Trying to implement and knowing that I will try even harder in the future to implement the five steps Grant Cardone laid out definitely gives me reassurance. But, not as it’s later in the night, I’m running up against a different kind of fear. One that doesn’t have to do with me being insecure about cold calling someone. I don’t want to get into too many details about it, but there is something coming up for me that is causing me a lot of fear and anxiety. Something I have to do for myself. It’s scary, though even as I write this now, a part of me isn’t that scared. But a part of me is. I know that I need to do this, there’s absolutely no way around it. But how do I handle the fear? I think for right now I just need to focus my energy onto other things. And that’s what I want to get into tonight: ART.

Because I’ve always been so consumed by business and how I could grow as an entrepreneur, I haven’t really taken the time to absorb art in the way I know so many of my friends and acquaintances do. Art seems to have such a huge impact on so many people and a part of me feels left out. That maybe I’ve spent too much of my time exploiting the needs I thought I needed to become a success, instead of simply exploring things that caught my interest, so I could develop a more savvy and well-rounded approach to everything I’m trying to accomplish. And it wasn’t any of these inspiring entrepreneurial heroes of mine that turned me onto art, except for the fact that so many of them repeatedly say that the most successful people are the ones who are the most resourceful in times of need, the ones who think way outside of the box to do their problem solving.

The thing that sort of sparked in my mind that made me realize I should start getting into art more was just feeling totally blocked in how to proceed with certain things. I know that when things are flowing smoothly and I have a methodical plan laid out ahead of me, I can get it done no problem. But it’s when things get rocky and the path isn’t as clear anymore that I start to feel anxious and helpless. Without the roadmap that I can read easily, I feel overwhelmed. And, if I’m being honest with myself, that’s how life is going to be for, well, the rest of my life. Life is never a clear-cut path that just keeps clear and has everything continually fall into place. Life constantly throws you curveballs that you’re not prepared for and no matter how much success you get, there is always another layer of obstacles and difficulties to overcome.

So that lead to the question of: How best can I prepare myself – not with a formula or step-by-step program – but holistically? How can I teach myself to be more flexible and open and creative when it comes to problem solving and finding solutions? And I know that there are many different ways to help myself do this, but I thought a good place to start was art. And I remember my mom always used to love landscape and fine art photography. She loved photos of beaches and deserts the most. So I thought I would search on the internet for photos that I thought she would love and maybe they would inspire me too. I have to say, I was completely shocked when I found a website that I not only thought my mom would like, but that I LOVED. It totally blew my mind. I don’t know much about photography, but this photographer says his photos are all unedited and they look amazing. Truly, such cool photos. To anyone reading this post, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out his California Fine Art Photography. It’s spectacular.¬†And the photographer’s whole mission is to get people to spend more time in nature, which is actually something I’ve been meaning to do more of. It was an awesome coincidence and it inspired me to promise myself that, every day, I’m going to take at least a 15-30 minute walk in nature, so I’m not just looking at my computer screen all day long. This turned out to be a great first start and now I’m excited to do more of this in the future. YES!

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