How going through one of your biggest fears can help you move mountains

There is nothing greater than overcoming one of your biggest fears. I remember when I was a little boy, I used to be afraid of going on rollercoasters. They were so scary to me. I would walk up the stairs to get to the top of the ride with my mom and I would be so scared, I would make her walk all the way back down those same stairs. As we walked, people would be looking at me and snickering. I knew they were making fun of me, or at least I thought they were. It was embarrassing. Just so so embarrassing. But sometimes I was just too scared to get on that damn rollercoaster.

But when I did, that was something else. The feeling would completely change. If it was one of the rare occasions when I did go on the ride, afterwards I would feel free. I would feel light as a bird, as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. I could run and jump and I felt ecstatic. And it was so much because the feeling of fear, the feeling that I had gotten through something I was afraid of, that’s what made me so elated. The proudness. The feeling of being strong. That’s what I needed at that age. I still love the feeling. But back then I needed it. I didn’t have other things that I could rely on to help me feel good about myself. So feeling strong and being proud of myself was essential to helping me as a little guy going through life.

Now it’s something different. Something even better. I got through a procedure that could have killed me and I was very very scared of something happening to me. Needing to get a emergency blood transfusion, dying, living with a cracked sternum. But I got through it. And I have all of these other things in my life to live for. So many incredible things. And going through such a scary experience and now just being in recovery, reflecting on where I’m at in my life. This is an incredible feeling. Something I’ve honestly never experienced. And to go through it now, or just ever for that matter, really is remarkable. I feel truly blessed, blessed by angels, to have made it to this point in my life and to have so much.

So now is where it all comes to feel so powerful. Having a god given talent, an ability like no one else, and you’ve been able to conquer incredible obstacles, ones that nearly killed you in all kinds of different ways, this is what leads to a man who can eventually move mountains. Become a legend in the field by doing the first of his kind. Now the possibilities seem endless. I think anything is possible now. I know I can keep creating what I’ve done. It’s amazing to me how it has become so effortless that I can genuinely rely on. And everything else is finally falling into place. It’s time to move mountains.

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