About Me

My name is Advik Patel and I am an Entrepreneur. My parents are immigrants from India and though I don’t want to sound cliche, they have taught me the work ethic that I have today. Watching two people who came from nothing, work hard – waking up early and going to sleep late, just so they could provide a better life for me and my older sister has been the number one inspiring thing in my life. They go above and beyond and scrape and save to invest in their business. They are amazing and I have them to thank for supporting me, believing in me and being hard on me which has made me grow and become who I am.

I am a high school student who hopes to study business at Yale University in a couple of years. I am creating this blog to document and keep track of all I learn on my journey that has to do with being an entrepreneur. I want to soak up tons of information about how to reach the ideal life I desire. My dreams are huge and it will take dedication and hard work to get to where I want in this life. I know that I can have it all – money, family, travel, style, happiness, spirituality, passion and LOVE. Anything I set my mind to, I can achieve and I know that with focus it will happen soon.

My idols are Grant Cardone, Timothy Ferris, Ramit Sethi (fellow Indian – woot woot!), Anthony Robbins and although he is not a business man per se Bradley Cooper.  On this blog I will keep track of what I learn from these men and others. I am so stoked to be among the few people on this planet who see the potential I have and have the guts to go after it.

Welcome and enjoy.

If you want to reach me with any questions or you just want to introduce yourself, you can reach me through my contact page.

Thank you for your time. Now let’s DO THIS!


PS If you’re wondering to yourself why Hi-Bond India? Well, my father worked for HiBond’s company for many, many years. Like I said at the top of this page, he and my mother are my number one reason for doing what I do. I thought it would be cool to title my website with a name that had to do with him. Because he dedicated so much of his life to HiBond, I thought it made sense for me to remind myself of my roots and how hard I will have to work in order to achieve even greater success than he has seen in his lifetime. I hope that helps anyone who is scratching their head looking for a business website to do with industrial adhesive. Sorry, that isn’t what this site is about at all.