It’s been a little over a month since I had the biggest surgery of my life. The first three weeks I was heavily sedated on different medications to help with recovery. And so, I was feeling nice and relaxed. I basically was sleeping all day and all night. But as I’ve started weaning my way off the medications, some of the anxieties I had about my body before the surgery are coming back. This is one of my biggest weaknesses. Because I’ve had to deal with an injury I sustained six years ago, I’m always extremely aware of how my body is feeling. I had this constant pressure and discomfort in my right neck and shoulder for every minute of every day of those six years until the surgery. And then, after the surgery, it felt like that pressure and discomfort had gone away. I’m not saying that my body was a hundred percent or even close. I knew I had a lot of work to do before I knew I would feel fully healthy and fit again. But that specific sensation felt like it was gone. And it made me really grateful that I had gone with the surgery and that chapter of my life was over.

And then, about a five days ago, there was colloidal oatmeal on the bottom of the bathtub and I stepped in and it was so slippery, I immediately slipped and knew I was gonna hit the floor. In that moment, as I slipped backwards onto the bathroom mat next to the bathtub, all I could think about was the fact that I might mess up everything the surgeon had done, which is literally probably one of my biggest fears, if not the biggest. Luckily, I’m coordinated and have good reflexes, and I was able to fall on of leg and butt and then on my right elbow. So, I basically landed perfectly and didn’t feel anything negative happen to my chest, which is where I had my surgery.


There is nothing greater than overcoming one of your biggest fears. I remember when I was a little boy, I used to be afraid of going on rollercoasters. They were so scary to me. I would walk up the stairs to get to the top of the ride with my mom and I would be so scared, I would make her walk all the way back down those same stairs. As we walked, people would be looking at me and snickering. I knew they were making fun of me, or at least I thought they were. It was embarrassing. Just so so embarrassing. But sometimes I was just too scared to get on that damn rollercoaster.

But when I did, that was something else. The feeling would completely change. If it was one of the rare occasions when I did go on the ride, afterwards I would feel free. I would feel light as a bird, as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. I could run and jump and I felt ecstatic. And it was so much because the feeling of fear, the feeling that I had gotten through something I was afraid of, that’s what made me so elated. The proudness. The feeling of being strong. That’s what I needed at that age. I still love the feeling. But back then I needed it. I didn’t have other things that I could rely on to help me feel good about myself. So feeling strong and being proud of myself was essential to helping me as a little guy going through life.

Now it’s something different. Something even better. I got through a procedure that could have killed me and I was very very scared of something happening to me. Needing to get a emergency blood transfusion, dying, living with a cracked sternum. But I got through it. And I have all of these other things in my life to live for. So many incredible things. And going through such a scary experience and now just being in recovery, reflecting on where I’m at in my life. This is an incredible feeling. Something I’ve honestly never experienced. And to go through it now, or just ever for that matter, really is remarkable. I feel truly blessed, blessed by angels, to have made it to this point in my life and to have so much.

So now is where it all comes to feel so powerful. Having a god given talent, an ability like no one else, and you’ve been able to conquer incredible obstacles, ones that nearly killed you in all kinds of different ways, this is what leads to a man who can eventually move mountains. Become a legend in the field by doing the first of his kind. Now the possibilities seem endless. I think anything is possible now. I know I can keep creating what I’ve done. It’s amazing to me how it has become so effortless that I can genuinely rely on. And everything else is finally falling into place. It’s time to move mountains.

Earlier today, I wrote a post about how to deal with fear and anxiety. Trying to implement and knowing that I will try even harder in the future to implement the five steps Grant Cardone laid out definitely gives me reassurance. But, not as it’s later in the night, I’m running up against a different kind of fear. One that doesn’t have to do with me being insecure about cold calling someone. I don’t want to get into too many details about it, but there is something coming up for me that is causing me a lot of fear and anxiety. Something I have to do for myself. It’s scary, though even as I write this now, a part of me isn’t that scared. But a part of me is. I know that I need to do this, there’s absolutely no way around it. But how do I handle the fear? I think for right now I just need to focus my energy onto other things. And that’s what I want to get into tonight: ART.

Because I’ve always been so consumed by business and how I could grow as an entrepreneur, I haven’t really taken the time to absorb art in the way I know so many of my friends and acquaintances do. Art seems to have such a huge impact on so many people and a part of me feels left out. That maybe I’ve spent too much of my time exploiting the needs I thought I needed to become a success, instead of simply exploring things that caught my interest, so I could develop a more savvy and well-rounded approach to everything I’m trying to accomplish. And it wasn’t any of these inspiring entrepreneurial heroes of mine that turned me onto art, except for the fact that so many of them repeatedly say that the most successful people are the ones who are the most resourceful in times of need, the ones who think way outside of the box to do their problem solving.

The thing that sort of sparked in my mind that made me realize I should start getting into art more was just feeling totally blocked in how to proceed with certain things. I know that when things are flowing smoothly and I have a methodical plan laid out ahead of me, I can get it done no problem. But it’s when things get rocky and the path isn’t as clear anymore that I start to feel anxious and helpless. Without the roadmap that I can read easily, I feel overwhelmed. And, if I’m being honest with myself, that’s how life is going to be for, well, the rest of my life. Life is never a clear-cut path that just keeps clear and has everything continually fall into place. Life constantly throws you curveballs that you’re not prepared for and no matter how much success you get, there is always another layer of obstacles and difficulties to overcome.

So that lead to the question of: How best can I prepare myself – not with a formula or step-by-step program – but holistically? How can I teach myself to be more flexible and open and creative when it comes to problem solving and finding solutions? And I know that there are many different ways to help myself do this, but I thought a good place to start was art. And I remember my mom always used to love landscape and fine art photography. She loved photos of beaches and deserts the most. So I thought I would search on the internet for photos that I thought she would love and maybe they would inspire me too. I have to say, I was completely shocked when I found a website that I not only thought my mom would like, but that I LOVED. It totally blew my mind. I don’t know much about photography, but this photographer says his photos are all unedited and they look amazing. Truly, such cool photos. To anyone reading this post, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out his California Fine Art Photography. It’s spectacular. And the photographer’s whole mission is to get people to spend more time in nature, which is actually something I’ve been meaning to do more of. It was an awesome coincidence and it inspired me to promise myself that, every day, I’m going to take at least a 15-30 minute walk in nature, so I’m not just looking at my computer screen all day long. This turned out to be a great first start and now I’m excited to do more of this in the future. YES!

I just recently listened to a ‘Grant Rant’ on YouTube. God, this guy really is one of the most inspiring humans on the planet. He is not even that famous! But he has had a bigger impact on me at this point in my life than anyone else I can think of. The reason I chose to write about this today was because I’m feeling anxious and scared about multiple things. I really do feel insecure in a lot of ways and definitely one of my biggest weaknesses is just getting myself out there. Getting on the phone with people and engaging in a way that will lead to me creating wealth for myself. I totally can do it on the computer, but let’s be real, anyone can send an email. It’s the human contact that I’m afraid of, the fear of rejection I guess. I’m afraid that the more times I get rejected in a way that really feels bad, the more discouraged I will become and the harder it will be more for to continue being aggressive. I know I’m at this critical point in my life where I just have to push through this phase because the more I do it, I believe the easier it will be. I just haven’t done it yet! Gosh it’s right there in front of me. I know I can do this, but here I am writing about it, instead of actually doing it. Well, I do think there is value in expressing these fears, to at least get them out of my system. But the real point of this post is to learn from Grant’s wisdom.

He has five rules to live by when you feel fear, anxiety or insecurity about whatever it is you have to do that you don’t want to or whatever your up against. The first is hey man, everyone has fears, everyone on the globe has insecurities, everyone feels fear about certain things. So, he believes there is value in knowing that this is happening to everyone else in the world, right now, right this second, in thousands upon thousands of different places and situations. It’s common, it’s ok, in fact, if you’re feeling fear before you have to do something uncomfortable, that is the right way you should be feeling!

The second thing he recommends is that you feel your calendar up! Jam it chalk-full of things to do! Load it up, make sure that every single day of the week there is no white space in your planner! You know why? Because TIME needs FEAR to grow. I’m gonna repeat that, because it’s so true. TIME NEEDS FEAR TO GROW. The more time you have sitting around, thinking about things in your head, the more those thoughts turn into fears, anxieties, sad thoughts, resentments, basically just thoughts that are negative! Thoughts that certainly won’t lead to you becoming successful or happy. So jam that calendar up with plenty of things to do, morning to night and he promises you will be a lot less fearful, cause you will be taking actions NON-STOP. We can do this!

The third thing Grant says is that whenever you’re feeling scared or anxious about doing something, do that exact thing IMMEDIATELY! In fact, pick out all of the things you have to do in the day that scare you and do those before you do anything else. Do them right now! Get them out of the way, don’t let ’em linger and create more negative thought patterns and distract you from the other things you need to get done. Get them out of the way first and you’re day will be so much more productive and exciting.

The fourth thing is to always go beyond your comfort zone. Grant uses this awesome analogy of saying how people you do the comfortable things, like drugs, or watching movies, or playing video games, they’re doing those things because they want to feel good. They’re doing those things because they don’t want to get uncomfortable. But the people who are willing to do the things that make them uncomfortable are the people who want to feel great, are the people who want to BE great. You have to do the uncomfortable things to make it in this world. No one is going to come to your door and hand you the key to your dreams. You have to go out there and get it! And the only way you’re going to get it is by doing all of the things that you find most difficult and uncomfortable.

The last rule and this is the GOLDEN RULE that Grant applies to everything, so I won’t go into too much detail about it, but it’s that whatever goal you have, if you really want to reach, you have to put in 10 times the amount of effort you were putting in before. You have to do 10 times the amount of everything you were doing before if you expect to reach that goal. And that really is so true. There is no way you will become the success you really want without putting in 10 times the effort. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of settling for good. I think I’m just about ready for GREAT. Let’s do this.

Okay, so I’m doing really well in terms of how much more action I’ve taken in my career in the last month. Amazing results, my life really has turned around since I really absorbed everything Grant Cardone preaches in ‘The 10X Rule.’ I’m going crazy with social media, I stopped caring how annoying people might think I am by posting literally all day long haha. But, as Grant says, the more haters you have the better. Because it’s all about getting yourself out there, making yourself known to as many people as you possibly can. The worse thing you can have is obscurity. That lesson has literally been monumental in turning my life upside down, and I mean that in the best way possible. I’ve networked, made connections with people faster than I ever have before, the website I created dedicated to my art has skyrocketed from where it was just a week ago. I went from getting 30 clicks a day to 560! I mean, mind-blowing stuff. At least for me. The jump has given me such a boost of confidence. And I’m ready for the next phase of my life. But, hold on, here comes the rub. Now, and this is another thing Grant Cardone preaches, he says when one aspect of your life improves, you now have to move to the next level, which is inevitably going to be as difficult, if not more difficult than the level before. And that is where I’m at now…

I have to start cold calling people to get my business going. This has always been one of the hardest things for me to do. Sitting my ass down, getting on the phone and selling myself and my services to other people. Hustling, grinding, pounding the pavement. I can easily network online through messaging and texting on my phone, but when it comes to calling people… oh boy. Not only is it something I just don’t like to do, it’s boring work, to send people videos of how you could possibly help them and their business. But the actual conversation, where I have to tell them what I can do for them. I’m sure the first calls are going to be rough. Another thing Grant says is that whenever he feels uncomfortable doing something, he doesn’t wait to do it. He just does it immediately. That is such a powerful message. The more time I spend reflecting and thinking about all of the potential possibilities, weighing everything that could go wrong, the worst it’s going to go when I eventually do get around to making that call. So, the lesson I can learn is when I have to do something I don’t want to do, I’m just gonna do it immediately. BOOM. Easier said than done, I know. But it really, to me, is a great rule to live by.

I have to look more thoroughly into some of what Grant says on this. I know I didn’t cover enough here, I’m just feeling that pressure to get things done. NOW. I’m done waiting around for someone to come to my door and give me the opportunity I’ve always been waiting for. NO. That’s not how it’s going to be play out. Especially in the world and economy we live in today, that is just not going to happen. I’m gonna get out there, take the bull by the f’ing horns and take what I know is mine. I will be at the pinnacle of my art in the next 5 years. I will be the one everyone knows about and wants to see. I will be number one. I will be THE ONE. I will be NEO. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not gonna be a little bitch. I’m going to take what I know is rightfully mine. And I’m going to take it NOW.

“Every day in every way you gotta be treading water. If you wanna make it to shore, you gotta swim. I know you wanna think that you can stop and rest, but the reality is, you gotta swim.If you’re gonna make it in the world. You gotta hustle. There are no shortcuts, folks.”

I love him because he talks so much about how connections and shortcuts are b.s. and how you have got to be know for your work ethic. If you are not hustling more than all the other people out there, you will not dominate your field. Period. End of story. Grant talks about how everyone should know you as the person who is the example of what it takes to get the job done and done right. Everyone should be looking to you and thinking – you outwork everyone else. Where do you get your energy from. It’s not about money. Drop that excuse.

Essentially he is talking about an element of your brand and that THIS is a key ingredient. Hard Worker is a part of your brand.

How does he advise you brand yourself? You. How do you get the attention and what does it take to come up with you as a brand? It isn’t an easy feat. It takes thinking and devising. You need help and you need to put energy toward creating an image of who to put out in the world so people care. Why should people pay attention to you? People are so overwhelmed with crap in the media these days you gotta be the loudest one in the room.

He claims that YOU are the only product that anybody cares about anymore. They are buying because of YOU. What could be more attractive than YOU? BURN a brand on you. That is you. When I see that, I know what it is. How do you burn something into the minds of the public to MAKE them pay attention?

Who ARE you? You are being overlooked for a specific reason. “Get your shit together. Quit bitching about it.”

First question he wants you to ask is,” What do you want to be known for?”

Second question is “Who are you?”

Grant wants to the living legend amongst entrepreneurs as the modern sales guy who helped recreate sales and helped millions of people get successful.

Third question is, “what are you great at?” He thinks that we all brand ourselves everyday by just being who we are. We create it and are living it. Everyday. You can’t avoid it. Branding is what you live, eat, breathe, sweat.

Grant thinks it is really important to connect your mission to your extended self which is your family. You have to honor the other, the extended part of you, give back to your family. Then look how you can helps your group. Brand to them. Make them realize what your brand is.

After that, he wants you to reach outside of who you already know. Do social media. Join groups that give back and help mankind. Get them to know what your entrepreneur goals are and also connect to them via this greater mission. Everything should be about your brand.

“You gotta be willing to be hated on. Your Brand cannot reach it’s full potential without the heat of the haters.” Grant Cardone

summary of the four hour workweek

summary of the 4-hour workweek


Tim Ferriss’ book is one of the beginner’s manuals for the how to’s of becoming a successful entrepreneur. First of all, he has incredible branding. A 4-hour workweek is probably not possible, even for Tim. But the image it puts into he minds of the audience he is reaching is exactly what we all desire. Anyone who is an entrepreneur wants to earn a lot and ultimately have that income be passive, aka not trading time for money but having money being made while you sleep, eat, travel etc.

I learned a lot from this book so let me dive in.

“Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich”.

The tagline alone presents the ultimate lifestyle everyone wants. Go anywhere, become rich, barely work. All of those things sound nice but Tim lays out exactly how to make that dream a reality.

Is this actually possible? I think so. I have several friends who are older who live this way and my goal is to do it one day too. So No, I don’t think it’s too good to be true. It isn’t obvisouly a dream that everyone can make come true. A ton of things written in books are not going to be achievable by many. Think of Eckart Tolle and his advice on how to be at peace. Do most people achieve what he advises? But they don’t say that he is preaching a scam, they just realize that it’s something you have to MAKE happen. It is not going to fall in your lap.

Tim’s first point is that time is more valuable than money. If you are working 75 hours per week and getting paid a lot of money and a guy who works 15 hours per week gets less money, who is actually  more wealthy? Well when you do the math, the guy who is working fewer hours is getting more hourly. Then when you think about having a job that you can do from anywhere, it adds even more value to your job. If you live in LA and make a lot of money but think about your expenses and if you expenses are more than the guy who can live in Thailand for 3 dollars a day…. who is more rich? Again it’s the guy who seems to make a smaller number, but when you dig deeper into his life, he actually makes more. Basically Relative income is more important and it trumps.

Tim advices you to create a product, to sell it. Making money passively or relatively passively. Then if you live in a country where the dollar outweighs the currency so much, you can live like a king with the income you get… you’re going to be extremely happy. And that is huge part of the book, how to make the system work for you. He also advises you to be result oriented to save time. Don’t spend 8 hours doing something when it only takes 30 minutes. Be wise with your time and you’ll save. Then he spends a lot of time talking about the specifics of outsourcing. So if you want to learn about that, I’d say either pick up the book or read his blog because a lot of it is outdated.

The 80/20 principle is a huge element in his book and if you’ve never heard about that, you gotta know this principle! It’s so important. Essentially go where the money is. Spend the time on the stuff that is giving you the results and cut the fat. Don’t spend time, energy or money on anything that isn’t giving back to you in a high percentage.

This book is so inspiring and I love Tim Ferris. If you have not gone over to his website or his blog they are incredible resources for good info and they are also very entertaining. He writes a ton about being in business but he also explores how to be happy while you’re doing so. He also has a podcast where he has really fun guests like Arnold Schwasneger on to discuss business, body building and a bunch of other fun ideas. Tim Ferris gets a lot of heat for writing a bogus book, or for living an inauthentic lifestyle but I couldn’t disagree more. I think he is an incredibly smart guy, who is sharper and more organized than I could ever be. It’s inspiring to hear him be open and forthcoming about the topics of business and lifestyle. I think he keeps it real and offers a lot of value to every entrepreneur out there.